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Madeira is the green island of flowers and is suitable for numerous hiking tours and sightseeings. More than 1,000 kilometres of exciting hiking trails run along the levada. Known for its variety of vegetation of numerous plants, flowers and fruits, the island offers, in addition to physical exercise during the hike, the opportunity to admire numerous natural spectacles and leave everyday life behind. Suggestions for further tours and excursions can be found in the house description on site.

Short hiking tour from
Casa Escola Velha

The next levada trail crosses the road to the Paul da Serra plateau. It is 1 km above the house and can also be reached on foot in a short time. From here, hikes to Prazeres and further west are possible, but also a short round – hike to the east, above Arco da Calheta with beautiful views is possible.

Day trip by car

The plateau itself is a starting point for many different hikes and can be reached by car in about 15 minutes. From here, the road leads via Fanal and Ribeira da Janela over the plateau and through laurel forests to Porto Moniz, the most north-western point of Madeira. From here the road continues along the old road to the Ponta Pargo Lighthouse, the most westerly point of Madeira with a breathtaking view over the mostly wild Atlantic Ocean. From here a new expressway leads along Faja da Ovelha and Prazeres back to Calheta.